Amy Stewart’s Hen Do

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Those Four set up a full evening of cocktails in a remote rented house of a tiny Yorkshire village for my sister’s hen party, transforming a regular games room with pool table and table tennis into a vintage style night spot that would not be out of place in the likes of west didsbury.

In an hour or so, the team managed to build a full size bar, decorate the room with quirky but classy paraphernalia, fairy lights and bespoke drinks menus, set to with drink preparation and dress themselves in dapper get-up.  Bearing in mind, this was all in secret – a difficult task given the fact that there were fourteen inquisitive ladies milling around the house and grounds.

When the girls were invited by me and partner in crime to play yet another hen do game before “going out”, the door was opened to reveal the transformation!  The girls entered what became a nightclub with mucho drinking, dancing and hilarity into the wee hours.  Everyone was absolutely thrilled and everything went perfectly thanks to the professionalism of Those Four.

Seriously could not have hoped for a better night – the cocktails were gorgeous and they let us have a go at making our own (excellence tuition, not sure my skills can replicate it since though).  Their friendly, have-fun attitudes enhanced the night and nothing was too much trouble.  All after party mess was cleared away by them to leave the place spotless.  And no need for us to go through the rigmarole of getting taxis home yeay!

So looking forward to having another reason to use them again – maybe a wedding, big birthday….any excuse really….

It was superb; highly recommend if you want to have a fun night that is different and very professionally and personally done.  A million stars out of ten Those Four!

- Helen McGlasson -

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