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Those Four Mobile Bar Company specialise in catering for in-house events, helping you to host exceptional seasonal parties in any workplace

We can build a fully functioning bar in under an hour, featuring craft beer, real ales, cocktails and food. We will provide everything you could ever need for your event whatever you are celebrating.

From pre-dinner drinks to all-night staff events, our bar is an ideal complement to any special occasion.

We specialise in finding fantastic craft beers and offer a selection of cocktails. Contact us to discuss the extensive range of food and drink options available. We offer a variety of price schemes; from a rate per head, to a tab and cash bar.

Those Four Christmas parties can include

  • DJ and sound system
  • Special theme for the occasion
  • Custom drinks menu for your event
  • Late license

If your event needs catering, we would be happy to suggest some great local caterers and street vendors.
The bar is suitable for shops, offices and factories, and can be easily assembled and packed away.

The service itself is free

Yep, you read that right. Free. All you need to decide is what type of bar you would like:

  • Cash Bar – everything is provided, we run a till and your guests pay for their drinks at set prices. We do everything within our power to keep the cost of drinks down to ensure your guests are guaranteed value for money and get drinks at a fair and competitive price.
  • Tab Bar – we provide a free bar for all your guests and bill you for the tab at the end of the event.
  • Tab to cash bar – you set a tab limit for the bar, your guests are then provided with a free bar or selected free drinks until the limit is reached, then the bar becomes a cash bar.
  • Pre-paid bar – you decide what drinks and how much of everything you require, we order and supply it, and you pay for the stock. Any stock left over will be given to you afterwards and you will be charged a pre-agreed set rate.

The bar is suitable for shops, offices and factories, and can be easily assembled and packed away. We will organise a license for your venue if required, for groups of 100+. Should the event have fewer guests, we may have to charge for one.

Sound Interesting?

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If you would prefer a more face to face approach, please  see our contact page for more details.

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