Those Four provide a fully tailored drinks selection and service to any and all occasions or events. Indoor, outdoor, wedding hall or festival site. We will provide our bar, knowledge, service and personality to best compliment your occasion.

Those Four are a young mobile bar hire company that prides itself on quality of service, a fully tailored drinks selection, personality and providing all round good times. With over 30 years collective experience in the service industry, ‘Those Four’ have the insight and knowledge to help you create the event experience you are looking for.

A bar is a place where fun is had, discussions are held, jokes are told, stories are shared, memories reminded and introductions often first made.

With this in mind, we strive to provide your celebration, function or event with a bar, not a drinks service! We bring personality and individuality, bartenders with banter, a drink selection ranging from craft beer to great cocktails and the passion and professionalism to deliver it all the way you want it on your special occasion.

Mobile Bar Hire Manchester