The Eastwick Wedding

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After putting their heads to rest for a few hours after the four o’clock finish from the Osborn wedding, Christoph and Darren were on it again. This time it was the Eastwick wedding at Accrington village hall, Cheshire.

Although service would only begin at half four, much preparation was required in order to convert the kitchen and service hatch into a bar. We had about half an hour to do this, immediately after the kitchen had finished serving a three course meal and buffet. Fortunately, the chefs were motivated by free beer to help us, and the setup thanks to some ‘German efficiency’ and some South African ‘let’s make a plan’, was on track and ready in good time.

The Hawkshead pale disappeared much quicker than anticipated, but the limited edition Brooklyn Scorcher and the two German pilsners, Flensburger and Dortmunder, more than covered the bases. This reception was out to party, and that they did. With shooters and cocktails flying out and everyone being sustained by the mobile taco van by Margo and Rita for the evening, this could have easily become an all-nighter.

The arrival of Natasha and Ben in the evening meant that we stayed as fresh as the drinks being served and also gave Darren and Christoph a chance for a sit down and a much needed beer break.

Sneaking a pub quiz into a groom’s speech was very well played Elliot, a big thank you to you and Nancy for choosing us for your special day. Also thank you to Kat from Accrington village hall for all the help you provided. All involved had a fantastic evening and so did we!

If you need mobile a bar for an event, one that ACTUALLY sells good drinks and is run by nice people – rather than some spotty 20 year old oik in a **** tuxedo selling lukewarm Budweiser at £4 a bottle…You get the drift…
Lovely people – they did our wedding and pretty much built a pub! no fuss – no mess – in and out quick – drink prices great and the variety of drinks is unrivalled. HIRE EM
- Elliot Eastwick -

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