Halle St Peter

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The Union of Karen and Mike took place at Halle St Peter in Ancoats. Another festival wedding was about to take place with food stalls outside and the bar in the main hall. Festival essentials bags were handed out at the door, and guests were encouraged to swap their formal foot wear to the flip flops provided. As always, the beer and cocktails got underway quickly with Espresso Martinis proving a hit.

The superb venue provided amazing sound for the live band and looked brilliant lit up for the silent disco that topped the night off. Watching a silent disco from behind a bar was a first for us, but so entertaining, we hope it won’t be the last. Thanks for having us Mike and Karen, and best of luck with your new life in the states.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you!!! So many guests came up to us throughout the wedding to say how amazing the bar looked, how fab the choice of drinks was (especially ales and cocktails) and how lovely the bar staff were!

- Karen Mitchell -

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