Our Services


We provide everything! On the day we will provide the bar counter, our back bar, the stock, ice, glassware, fridges, staff and anything else you could ever need for your event or special occasion.

We have an extensive selection of drink options available, so you can specify exactly what you want us to serve. Whether craft beers float your boat, or extravagant cocktails tickle your fancy – we can tailor every last deal to your requirements. Our speedy setup and great staff will ensure your event runs exactly the way you want and that all your guests are looked after with great service and the drinks they all love. (Think of it as having your favourite local in your back garden, or field, or church hall or wherever it is you need us to be.) Book us for your next event and we will bring a bar with barrel loads of character and charm, guaranteed to leave your guests smiling. Should the venue you are using be a little small for our bar counter but there is still a suitable space to create a bar in, we will gladly provide the same service without our counter.

We are fully licensed and can entertain 250-300 people at a time, depending on the event. The staff provided are the founders of the company. On the day, the people looking after your guests will be a combination of the four owners, depending on the size of the event. Should additional staff be required for larger events, we have an excellent team of experienced staff available on hand, no agencies.

How it works

The service itself is free. Yep, you read that right. Free. All you need to decide is what type of bar you would like:

  • Cash Bar – everything is provided, we run a till and your guests pay for their drinks at set prices. We do everything within our power to keep the cost of drinks down to ensure your guests are guaranteed value for money and get drinks at a fair and competitive price.
  • Tab Bar – we provide a free bar for all your guests and bill you for the tab at the end of the event.
  • Tab to cash bar – you set a tab limit for the bar, your guests are then provided with a free bar or selected free drinks until the limit is reached, then the bar becomes a cash bar.
  • Pre-paid bar – you decide what drinks and how much of everything you require, we order and supply it, and you pay for the stock. Any stock left over will be given to you afterwards and you will be charged a pre-agreed set rate.

A small deposit is required to complete a booking, but will be returned to you once the bar has reached minimum turnover. Deposit and minimum turnover varies according to number of guests. We will organise a license for your venue if required, for groups of 100+. Should the event have fewer guests, we may have to charge for one.

Whilst the above options are a good guideline, if there is something you require which is a little different to above, please contact us directly and we will be happy to try and accommodate you as best we can. That said, we also like to meet and work as closely as possible with our clients to ensure everything is arranged exactly as you want it.

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