If you want scotch you go to Scotland, if you want champagne you go to France. But if you want beer, you go to Germany! While we do like sourcing products locally and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible, Germany has been smashing out great beer for centuries and do not get it wrong. We can provide just about any beer you can think of, but above you will see a few brands we have tried, tested and love.

Real Ale & Craft Beer


Real ale is English heritage, for many of us, our first ever drink was a pint of mild or bitter in our dads’ favourite local. In recent years, with the help of specially dedicated organisations and an increased interest in microbreweries and home brewing, real ale and craft beer has become incredibly popular and a bit of a culture.   Above are a few of the many breweries both local and international that are making some very special stuff at the moment. Again, we will source anything you ask us to. But if you are unsure what you want or just want to try something new, we will happily make some recommendations and can even arrange some tasters for you.



Some like vodka, some like gin, rums pretty good too. Perhaps you’d like favourite single malt stocked or a top Armagnac for later on. Whatever your poison, tell us what you want and we will deliver. We’ll even pop it in a glass for you with some ice and top it up with your favourite mixer. Speaking of mixing, next up are cocktails.


Whether you’re after a James Bond martini or a mojito just like you had in Cuba that one time, we will make it. We have a huge list of cocktails we can and love to make. So big in fact, we’re not listing it. Particularly popular at weddings, his and hers cocktails are always a hit. However, in addition to something along those lines, we will provide with pleasure any cocktail your heart desires. Feel free to challenge us!

Wines & Champagne


Wine and champagne is a constant at any celebration, but is far too often supplied with price over quality in mind. Our very own consulting sommelier will make sure that we supply your event with excellent wine at a very competitive price. If it’s a wedding you’re organising, why not let him sit down with you and individually pair the wine with the meal you’re having. And if you like that, we’ll keep the same stuff flowing from behind the bar for the rest of the evening. He may even be able to sort a cheeky special bottle out for the main table only. But keep it a secret!

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